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Financial literacy is a growing concern in the United States where 63% of  Americans are categorized as "financially illiterate."

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Financial Confidence | Professional Peace of Mind

Empowering Helping Professionals Toward the Path of Financial Freedom!


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The Empower Financial System is designed to help professionals prioritize  personal finances!

Alex recognizes the lack of financial literacy provided to healthcare professionals during their extensive training in the mental health field. As a result, Alex uses a process that helps Mental Health and Wellness Professionals prioritize their finances so they can continue to Empower our communities throughout the world.


What Alex can do for you

Many financial professionals omit reviewing important financial topics and focus individuals toward their products, require a minimum account balance, obligate you to purchase their product, or charge an hourly fee to have a meaningful conversation about your finances. Alex does none of these to have conversations surrounding:

Cash Flow
Analysis & Budgeting

One of the most important activities in evaluating finances to understand where hard-earned money is being distributed and spent each month.

Financial Goal Setting

Whether it’s reducing or eliminating debt, improving savings balances, buying a home, a car or any other financial goal. Putting together a financial goal needs to be specific and defined. A well defined goal can be evaluated and measured.

Debt Management

Managing debt can be daunting & overwhelming. Getting organized and putting together a repayment strategy can reduce those feelings! There are several repayment options and strategies to consider to help eliminate unwanted debt!

Getting on Track for Retirement

Don’t put off saving for retirement. The sooner you can start, the better! Consider the various types of accounts available to you and the time horizon for when you’ll retire to put together a retirement savings strategy.

Employee Benefit Reviews

Benefits available to you at work can be confusing to decipher and figure out which you need. Better understand the insurance options, retirement plans and employee assistance programs available to you by your employer.

Self Employed in a private practice? It’s on you to find these benefits on your own, which can be even more challenging to navigate on your own.

Savings Strategies

Outside of saving for retirement, there are a number of items individuals will save for. For example, a down payment on a home, a new car, college savings for children, vacations, among several other items. Putting together a plan that starts with the end in mind can be the first step in developing a saving strategy.



Cultivating Client Relationships

Accessibility and collaboration highlight Alex's vision to be a resource to the community through cultivating relationships and idea sharing. With a comprehensive outlook on personal finance, Alex helps individuals navigate important personal finance decisions. Alex has developed an affinity with social workers and mental health professionals and helps them to prioritize their money so they can continue empower communities.

Through his vision, Alex sees beyond products as solutions...


Alex has a passion for giving value

Alex's goal is to be a resource to the community regardless of business obligations.