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The Empower Guide

An educational personal finance e-guide

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Deciding where to put hard-earned money when it comes to comparing debt, savings, and which types of insurance you need is stressful. The Empower Guide is designed to help:

  • Organize & Prioritize Finances

  • Evaluate Savings & Debt.

  • Understand General Financial Terms & Concepts

  • Get on track toward a Happy & Healthy Retirement!

The Empower Financial Guide was created specifically for Social Workers & Mental Health Professionals who's passion is in helping others.  I’ve worked in the financial services industry since 2009 and recognize key financial needs of Healthcare Workers, Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals. 

The impacts of the Pandemic & the Great Resignation has caused many to question their current financial situation and led  to the creation of the Empower Financial Guide. The Guide is designed to prioritize personal finances and quickly implement a plan of action to feel less stress now, and have a worry-free future and retirement. Click the link below to download this complimentary guide!

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