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  • Alex Casella

What do Cable and Insurance have in Common?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Find yourself struggling to get a handle on debt or saving more money each month? Stay mindful of commodities like cable providers and insurance policies.

There’s no magical solution to saving more money or loan consolidation that can make the debt go away. It’s going to have to get paid, and the faster it’s gone the more money available to you!

Part of managing debt or trying to save more money involves a close look at cash flow to see what is coming in, and how much is going out each month. A commodity is product or service that can be bought and sold, and is available through multiple companies. So when it comes to cash flow, review monthly spending on cell phone, cable and internet providers. With popular streaming services, many Americans are ditching cable and saving hundreds of dollars per month. The same goes for the types of coffee and other goods you purchase at the grocery store. The same goes with changing auto, renters and home insurance. There are several insurance carriers out there and many are offering discounts to new customers. Many may not be spending several thousands to advertise on TV, so look outside of the companies you see on TV and consider several carriers. Do this each year as insurance companies tend to change their rates from time-to-time.

The important part is to remember to allocate those savings into a savings account or toward that debt! Several individuals find the time to save money on cable, internet or insurance, but neglect to use the extra money to go toward savings or knocking down debt.

With that said, what do cable providers and insurance have in common? They are both a commodity and staying mindful of the money we spend on them can benefit cash flow. Changing companies can find additional money to go toward other expenses like debt or saving more money!

Curious to learn more? Reach out today to discuss!

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