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"Cultivating Client Relationships"

Accessibility and collaboration highlight Alex’s vision to be a resource to the community through cultivating relationships and idea sharing.  With a comprehensive outlook on personal finance, Alex helps navigate important personal finance decisions. Being able to see beyond the product as a solution is a core value in Alex’s daily practice as a financial services professional.


Alex recognizes the shortage of financial literacy provided to mental health professionals and the number of hours that go into training in the social work and mental health field. Alex has developed a process that helps Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals prioritize their finances so they can continue to Empower communities throughout the world.


Alex has worked in the financial services industry since 2009 and over those years has recognized financial literacy needs of social workers and mental health professionals. Alex has developed a comprehensive understanding of financial services through his training and time working alongside successful advisors in the financial planning industry. 


Alex’s vision goes beyond products as a solution and emphasizes that financial success focuses effectively on integrating and coordinating financial decisions.  


Personal Life

Outside of his role as a financial professional, Alex is an emeritus professional and collegiate soccer referee.  He has officiated soccer for over 20 years and reached the professional and Division one college level.  Alex has since retired from his role as a high-level soccer official to focus on his family and business.


Alex enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He currently lives in North Branford, CT with his wife, Jessie, their son, Nico, their two cats Drake and Daphne, and their dog named Denali. He is passionate about food, enjoys cooking and trying new things!  Alex and Jessie are enthusiasts of outdoor activities and enjoy running, hiking, skiing, biking, and kayaking.  Alex is passionate about helping others and is active in various volunteer and fundraising activities, including his local Rotary International Club.

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